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Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recongnition of Pixel Promote!

Our Awards & Recogniation:

We provides you much more than a web design agency. We are a full service online marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising (PPC),and performance-based website design over 10 years.

#1 Yahoo Search Marketing Award.

why us Pixel Promote Digital marketers continue to experiment with the latest advancements in targeting to help them reach the right audience at the right time with the right message. As marketers navigate the increasingly complex digital marketing landscape, it's important to understand which targeting techniques are most impactful and why. Using biometric and eye-tracking measures, Yahoo! unveiled surprising results about consumers' non-conscious reactions to online display advertising across different targeting techniques.

Microsoft adExcellence Member.

why us What makes Pixel Promote stand out from a sea of monotony? It boils down to a concept that has helped define our direction and create our success: the greatest results are generated at the perfect intersection of technology and human expertise. At Pixel Promote, we embrace cutting-edge technology - and indeed, our proprietary EssentialPPC platform is industry-leading - but it is technology combined with our immensely talented team that causes our clients' campaigns to outperform their competitors and steal market share.

Microsoft adExcellence Member.

why us Pixel Promote Prevent hackers from using your website to distribute virus-infected software to your website visitors and customers. Use a website scanning service that includes comprehensive virus scanning, such as SiteLock Enterprise. And don't be fooled by the numbers that some website security tools boast, because they may be reporting on "false positives" that are not truly threats to your business. SiteLock goes the extra mile of validating the risks we identify to make sure they are real.

#1 Client Retention Rate Award. Expert management you won't find anywhere else.

Our account managers manually optimize your campaign with the results provided by Pixel Promote's technology platform. Awards Being able to pull vast amounts of analytics is a worthless effort unless the data is reviewed and used to improve your results. An algorithm can quickly determine that one PPC ad is outperforming another, but inherently fails at suggesting a third ad that will outperform both.

When you work with Pixel Promote, we become an extension of your company; a team of PPC, SEO and Social Media experts that know your industry and company like the back of their hand. Our results speak for themselves, but we share in the joy of your success. This is the reason why our clients rave about us, and our client retention rate is an amazing 96%.

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