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PCFixit247 - Case Studies

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Case Study: Increasing Revenue Through Campaign Integrated Management

Within the first couple months of PCFixit247 working with us, their campaign success was astounding! Strategic campaign restructuring and expansion, along with the development and testing of fresh ad creatives contributed to an impressive 149% increase in revenue.

- Mark Brown, Director of Online Marketing, Pixel Promote


PCFixit247, the nation's largest online retailer Pixel Promote Case Studies of prescription eyeglasses, was looking for a single agency to manage their PPC and Media Buying campaigns in order to bring a higher level of optimization and cohesiveness across campaigns, which they weren't able to achieve using multiple management sources. With the ultimate goal of increasing revenue month over month, PCFixit247 came to Pixel Promote because of our proven success in managing Online Marketing campaigns using an integrated approach, and SCORE™ Method.


While PCFixit247 had great history within their existing PPC campaigns, comprehensive restructuring and cleanup of their account was needed in order to further optimize and extract additional revenue. PCFixit247, being in a highly saturated industry where competitors were getting increasingly aggressive, would also need innovative ways to expand their Online Marketing efforts in order to maintain their status as a major player in their field.


To begin, a complete overhaul of their PPC campaign structure was executed. Campaigns perform differently based upon their settings. Therefore, in order to best optimize the account, campaigns were separated out by devices - mobile, tablets and computers - and then both brand and non-brand campaigns were created for each device. Networks were also separated into their own dedicated search and display campaigns so that data could be analyzed individually and campaigns enhanced accordingly.

Keeping up with their competition was a key goal for PCFixit247, so testing out incentives, such as Free Shipping, in both text and image ads would play a major factor in achieving this. Pixel Promote's design team created enticing banner ads with these new incentives. The design team also worked together with PCFixit247 to create banners for their website coordinating with related promotions to maintain an overall sense of cohesiveness and improve conversion rates.

To expand their Media and Remarketing efforts, Pixel Promote's design team created fresh brand focused banner ads consistent with their company identity. Promotions and offerings were tested across existing and new networks, such as Yahoo, AOL and Facebook, to broaden their audience reach.

One new initiative we saw opportunity for growth with was running image and text ads through Google's Display Network. With a popular celebrity endorsing their product, Mike "The Situation" from Jersey Shore, using Google's Display Network would be a great way to reach a larger audience of potential fans. To further capitalize on their celebrity endorsement, retargeting ads containing images of "The Situation" would be implemented to try to recapture the interest of users who visited the site and left without making a purchase.


The launch of PCFixit247's restructured and expanded campaign hit the ground running with overwhelming success. In just two months PCFixit247 doubled their ROI from paid search in Google. PCFixit247's overall goal of achieving increased revenue month to month was shattered. Revenue from Google alone increased by 149%, while revenue from MSN increased by 110%.

Pixel Promote Case Studies

The campaign restructuring also proved beneficial in lowering their CPA and increasing PCFixit247's conversions. By being able to view data from each segmented campaign differently and optimize based on its unique performance, we were able to cut PCFixit247's CPA by more than half and almost triple their number of conversions in Google. By creating and testing new ad copy and promotions, significant improvements were also seen in their conversion rate in both Google and MSN, which increased by 178% and 115% respectively.

PCFixit247's Media, Retargeting and Facebook campaigns also exhibited expansive growth, with a third of PCFixit247's Online Marketing sales not coming from these sources.

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